Pride and professionalism in the navy

This even included the BDU with military creases in it. Or use it to upload your own PowerPoint slides so you can share them with your teachers, class, students, bosses, employees, customers, potential investors or the world.

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At the conference, attended by more thanAdmiral Hayward stressed the Navy's total commitment to taking care of needs of Navy families because "it is the right thing to do.

Some of our Navy families were on welfare.

Navy Pride and Professionalism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Initiative is an introductory act leading to an action. Her staff of seven Navy military members and two civilian professionals in child and family development provided policy, technical guidance, and evaluation to the family service centers.

A good person is a good person and I really don't care what race or culture they come from. The two-day course is an augmented version of the former Navy Rights and Responsibilities NRR course, Pride and professionalism in the navy addressed basic Navy equal opportunity principles, policies and procedures for all Sailors.


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In trying to reach a balance, we had to tell sailors to not allow pride to get in the way. I will continue to monitor and participate in this project. You can choose whether to allow people to download your original PowerPoint presentations and photo slideshows for a fee or free or not at all.

Master Chief Thomas S. While you may be willing, even eager, to extend loyalty within your organization, you must continuously strive to keep the loyalty of others. The Navy Core Values, decision-making, communication and conflict management, mentoring, diversity, equal opportunity, violent crime and suicide awareness, courtesy and military etiquette, uniform wear, and Navy family care and planning.

He recalled his introduction to the group only two years before as a force master chief. The two-day course is an augmented version of the former Navy Rights and Responsibilities NRR course, which addressed basic Navy equal opportunity principles, policies and procedures for all Sailors.

I was very proud to be there with him to Pride and professionalism in the navy the ribbon. During his travels, Crow began noticing "a strong desire and some commendable effort by many of our senior petty officers, chief petty officers and officers to put our leadership back on course.

Drug abuse in the Navy was decreasing and sailors were taking more pride in their jobs, their uniforms and their physical appearance. Beyond that, not much is provided to make the BEQ home. Since this program is just as important today, you should develop those traits of pride and professionalism described in the following paragraphs.

It became a real test of will to keep going back to take the test. Apparently, someone told our junior officers to get more involved, and obviously this has been interpreted as taking over the chiefs role. These decisions are made and are here to stay.

Enactment of the recommendations required both Presidential and Congressional approval. We both believed that leaders needed to be honest with their people. The attitude is brought about by different things for different people.

They can work together with the instructor to get a better idea of the choices they will need to make when they are aboard ship and traveling in other countries. Edinburgh art school exhibition essay dragon age cullen comparison essay.

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Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, PowerShow. In a Navy environment, it also includes devotion to your superiors and subordinates. In Julythe doors of the pilot family services center in Norfolk officially opened, heralding a new era for the Navy family.

That was really my only intention coming into the office. Essay about hard work 26 lines. Professional knowledge is meaningless without the confidence to use it.

Opportunities for initiative and ingenuity often arise, but we fail to take advantage of them. Tom Crow believed that having an Academy dedicated to our Senior Enlisted personnel and located in the vicinity of our Naval War College would enhance "Pride and Professionalism" and would be a real boon to senior enlisted leadership.

Walker kept us very busy working in groups. New Navy Pride and Professionalism lectures are now available on NKO.

Pride, Partnership and Professionalism

There have been significant changes to the sexual harassment lecture. Sexual harassment traffic light behaviors have been replaced by acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. between military duties and personal commitments. Navy Pride and Professionalism – Decision-Making.

Decision Making Navy Pride and Professionalism – Decision-Making.

Navy Pride and Professionalism

Three Contexts of Decision. Enter professionalism. —Admiral Thomas B. Hayward In Admiral Thomas B. Hayward, the 21st Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), initiated the Navy’s pride and professionalism program.

This program reemphasized and reinforced the traditions and values that have been a. Pride and Professionalism Pride and professionalism have taken their rightful place in today’s navy. Gone is mediocrity; permissiveness is about to follow.

Enter professionalism. Admiral Thomas B. Hayward In Admiral Thomas B.

Navy Pride and Professionalism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Hayward, the 21st Chief of Naval Operations CNO, initiated the Navy’s pride and professionalism program. Aloha, shipmates! As you may imagine by now, we’re going to talk about the Sailor’s Creed this week, continuing a series of articles on pride and professionalism in our Navy today.

Before we jump into the article, however, please take a moment and reread the Sailor’s Creed. Navy Pride and Professionalism – Navy Core Values. NAVREGS Art. Compliance with Lawful Orders “All Department of the Navy personnel are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity and ethics.

At a minimum, all personnel shall comply with.

Pride and professionalism in the navy
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