Preparing for case study interviews

Your calculations should be accurate and integrated into what you have discovered so far. Our case collection includes cases which have been used in case interviews in the past.

These PrepLounge Experts hail from the most revered consultancies the industry has to offer - from Bain to McKinsey - and are uniquely qualified to give PrepLounge users insight into the mastery of a case interview.

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Establish a relevant framework and identify the kinds of analysis you may want to perform to reach a solution. Listen carefully and take time to align your thinking. Management-consulting companies, for example, want to know that you are the kind of person who can make a good impression on clients.

Take a moment to think about the case and carefully define the problem being posed. Tell the interviewer the factors you are considering and strategies you plan to use.

The interviewer really wants you to do well. Then, grab your pen and paper and get to work. Be noted that in case interview, your analytical thought process is more important than arriving at correct answers. Determine the type and focus of the case Prior to the practice session, discuss with your partner about his or her preference for the case.

Case Interview Preparation

What surprised you about the interview process. This is expected behavior. What surprised you about the interview process. Make sure your conclusion is grounded in action, not just theory.

So, shake off the nerves, relax and have fun. If you take this course of action, take a few things into consideration. It would be so frustrating for your partner. When did you know BCG was the right place for you. For example, if the case question is: This will greatly ease the pressure if confronted with a math problem in your interview.

The day of the interview What are you looking for in an interviewee. There is no clear border, but most case interviews rather fall somewhere in-between. You can practice with a friend or colleague.

What are you doing now. Only form a hypothesis with sufficient information Do not state a hypothesis at the beginning, a stage in which you may still have incomplete information.

A location is something like: Paraphrase it back to the interviewer to ensure your understanding. What can they do about it. Join our case interview community today and embark on your journey into consulting.

Consulting Firm Web Sites — Most of the top consulting firms provide guidance on case interviews online.

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Talk through the problem. Listen carefully to the question. Some companies that use case interviews provide good information on their own Websites. At the end of the interview, you should summarize the key hypotheses and options you have developed.

Should it be a candidate-led or more of an interviewer-led case?. Case Study interviews are the real thing that let the recruiters know how good you really are.

They can either be one-two hour long case study and on-paper design, or one week long take home assignment followed by one hour in-person discussion on what you did.

Case Interview Preparation Question: So, over the past three years, I have likely had about three case interviews to prepare for.

Preparing for the case interview

I now have another interview with Monitor, but was only given one week’s notice. Before the last two case interviews I had, I also only had a week or so, was completely new to.

Consulting Case Interview Preparation Guide Marquis, Stanford GSB Class of Version #2 - Winter About the Author – Resume Preparation a case interview, you.

Interview Preparation and Practice Cases

To supplement our interactive case library, we’ve created the following guided practice cases to help you prepare for your interview. Read through each case individually and consider how you’d solve the challenge that’s posed before reading our suggestions. Home > Career > Career Advice > Interview Tips > Mastering the Case Job Interview.

Preparing for the case interview

Interview Tips. Mastering the Case Job Interview Find out more about these types of case questions and how to prepare for case interviews using our collection of case interview a feel for what a case interview is like to academics who study.

Impress your interviewers: the case study How to prepare for consulting case study interviews, and tips for impressing your interviewers on the day. Case studies test you in all manner of ways so they are one of the best – and fairest – methods of seeing a candidate ‘in action’.

Preparing for case study interviews
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